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Baby Massage and Transitioning to Motherhood

This online course combines gentle postnatal yoga with mindful massage and movement for babies.

Baby Massage and Transitioning to Motherhood


A supportive and informative course to offer you a whole toolkit of resources for the early weeks and months of motherhood.

This online course includes mindful massage and movement for babies, and gentle postnatal yoga creating a safe haven in which trust can be nourished and a strong bond established. This is achieved through loving touch, gentle exercises and relaxation. 

The lessons go through all the basics of massage, handling, holding, soothing and transitioning to motherhood. We do some basic postnatal yoga in there too - very gentle movement, mindfulness and reconnecting with our bodies.

Some people like to start working through this course in the last weeks of pregnancy so they have already learnt some of the basics of taking care of babies before baby arrives. 


The course is designed to be suitable from newborns upto about 4-5months.

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