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The Baby Village

The Baby Village is a warm welcoming community of mothers in Cambridge.

It is both a community which includes private Whatsapp groups where you can connect, ask questions and find support from other Mums, and also a space in which I offer a type of group mentoring, with podcasts, blogs, online resources and we have online and face to face events as well.

Mothers really benefit from companionship, mindfulness,  and positive mental health practices such as deep relaxation and community walks

And unlike many other areas of the internet, it’s a community built on the principles of respect, tolerance and real life community.

It’s a whole system of support to make your journey in mothering easier and more enjoyable.


The Baby Village works as a subscription, so you pay a small monthly fee to be a part of the community. There are no contracts and you can join or leave at any time.


Join the Baby Village  and get my Baby Massage and Transitioning to Motherhood Course for 50% off.
As a perinatal yoga teacher and counsellor, I've spent more than a decade supporting women and families in the transition to having a baby. I've also trained baby massage teachers across the world in these techniques and practices.

This course is designed to ease you through the period from birth up to around 5 months with easy to watch short videos that teach you lots of useful things to navigate those early months.

  • Baby Massage

  • Early Postnatal Yoga

  • How to Hold and Soothe Baby

  • Reading Baby’s Language

  • Aids Digestion

  • Helps Sleep

  • Relaxation Practices

  • Builds your confidence

  • Mindful early parenting

A whole community of support

Coffee chat and chill

Monday morning meet up for Bumps and Babies-in-arms at the Folio Bar in the Fellows Hotel. Time to chat, build friendships, and discuss motherhood and life with a baby. I'm always on hand if you need a chat about something

resource library

A range of blogs, articles, video lessons and podcasts about all things motherhood to support you. 
From 'how do I know if my baby is getting enough milk' to 'advice for travelling with a baby' to 'which physios in Cambridge specialise in pelvic floor assessment' 

This is a library of information I've been gathering over the last decade.

Chat groups

Over the years, many people have told me that the WhatsApp group I run are some of the kindest and most respectful ones they've ever been in. These are mutually supportive spaces where you can find advice and support

monthly relaxation

Every month I host a restorative event of some kind. Sometimes it is an online hour long led relaxation. Sometimes its a Friday night out with restorative yoga, food, chat and relaxation.

Parenting can be hard work. These relaxation events can help you reset, recharge, and restore.

monthly walk

Each month we go for a walk in central Cambridge. It's lovely to get outside, to chat to others and let the fresh air revitalise you. I'm always on hand for a chat if you need to talk anything over. We do this year round, weather permitting.

Questions & suggestions

Every couple of months, I ask the village what they would like me to write or record about. This keeps the content relevant and directed to what you need.

To stay up to date with what's going on in the village, follow my socials. I post a weekly round up of events, new blogs etc every Monday.


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