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Bryony Vickers MBACP

Since having my first child at 23 I have always had an interest in supporting others through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

As an adult, I studied permaculture and sustainability and have worked in both Australia and the UK in community engagement roles supporting groups to work towards environmental responsibility and community cohesion.

I have practised yoga in various forms since 2002 and discovered Birthlight during my second pregnancy. I attended the Birthlight pregnancy yoga and active birthing workshops and then the baby yoga classes. I was so inspired by the ethos of Birthlight and the positive effect it had on my whole family through this journey.

I now teach Birthlight classes from pregnancy through baby and toddlerhood. I provide private session with families through the exciting journey of growing, birthing and caring for their children and offer sessions to heal after birth, both physically and emotionally. I previously provided classes within the Small Steps Together team in Ormiston Families, providing online sessions for women who were struggling with mental health and wellness needs.  I am a qualified counsellor and run a private practice in Cambridge and online.

I also spent many years training teachers for Birthlight International and have delivered courses in Germany, Australia, Ireland and the UK.

I know from my personal and professional experience that the ways we are supported and our experiences through this time of our lives are incredibly important for both parents and children.

In my spare time I love to spend as much time as possible with my gorgeous family, do various crafty things, practice yoga and meditation and have my hands in the soil.



Pregnancy Yoga


Baby Massage and Transitioning to Motherhood

Parent and Baby Yoga


Parent and Baby Wrigglers


The Baby Village

A respectful community run collaboratively with the community of mothers in it.

Chat and connect with other mothers, ask for advice of the community, share ideas and experiences. There are resources here for you: videos; podcasts; blogs; online relaxations.
Face to Face events: community walks; Restorative Yoga and coffee mornings

Designed to make motherhood easier and more enjoyable

Individual Support

Mothers Mentoring


Adhoc Support sessions


Birth/Postnatal Debriefing or Trauma


Birth Preparations for Survivors


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