Yoga for Women

Yoga for women with a Body Positive approach

A wonderful way to start the week feeling calmer and more centred whilst doing something good for your community. Gentle yoga suitable for all abilities. Some physical challenge involved but easily adaptable for different levels.

In the midst of storms of chaos, upset, worry and busy-ness, Bryony’s class is an oasis of calm and positivity that brings a smile to my face very time.- Maddie

Online via Zoom
Monday 12:30-1:15pm

Pay between £5- £10 depending on your income.
A recording of each class will be available to all those who have booked. This means you can do the class at another time if that suits you better. Each recording is available for 6 days.

Details of how to log on will be be in the confirmation email after you have booked.

The class was such a delight, the very precise guidance, patience and carefully chosen words at a perfect pace, made it a wonderful experience. Even though I had my 5 months old son next to me, who required my attention every once in a while, Bryony’s guidance created a bubble of calmness, peace and acceptance, surrounding both of us. After the session was over, I was so relaxed and at ease with myself, that I could not help, but to start laughing.-Carolin