WhatsApp Group Contributions

If you’re reading page it’s probably because you are a part of my WhatsApp Groups. I run these groups as a resource to all parents who have been in my classes with the intention of providing ‘A Village’ of support for Mothers. A place to ask questions, to connect with others, to rant when you need to, and gain reassurance when you need to. It is a space of both support from me, and peer support within the wider community.

These groups are proving very popular, and as such require a portion of my time to monitor, comment on and facilitate. I believe that this kind of support has always been essential for the wellbeing of women, babies and families. The reality is that with funding cuts and changing priorities, that the NHS support around the perinatal period has become a fraction of what it used to be, and so classes, groups and community do something to fill in the gap.

Whilst it is not the same as one to one support, I do offer my time, and professional experience on these groups. It’s a part of my job I love doing and I will always provide it for free, but I am also providing the option, for those who would like to, to financially support my time in doing this- a bit like a patreon scheme. This helps my business stay sustainable so I have capacity to continue to offer this kind of support to everyone in my groups. As a self employed person in this field, it’s always a difficult balance in trying to earn a living wage through directly paid work, and providing the kind of community support (on the WhatApp groups) that means it is available to anyone in my groups who needs it. In order to be congruent in my teachings about self care and asking for what you need – I also need to do that myself.
To be totally clear, any contributions are completely voluntary, and everyone is welcome to be in  the group regardless of whether they choose to offer contributions or not. 
If you do choose to contribute, know that you are not only supporting me, but also the wider community of mothers across my groups.

You can contribute any way you wish, but the most convenient method for me is a small monthly standing order- this minimises my time in administrating payments. You can, of course, stop or change this at any time. If you can reference WHATAPP on it, that helps me to track what is coming into my account.

How much to contribute? 
This is entirely up to you. Maybe something between £3 and £15 per month depending on your circumstances and what you’re comfortable with.

I can’t afford to/don’t feel like paying anything
No problem! Please stay a part of the community and feel free to ask questions and be involved on the group. This is entirely a voluntary scheme.

There are other WhatApp groups that I’m in that I don’t have to pay for.
True. And as above, you don’t have to pay to be in this one either. But facilitating a group well and offering this kind of support takes time, experience and energy. Whilst I am deeply passionate about these groups and support, this is my work, and it’s not sustainable for me to give so much time each week to completely voluntary work.

What extra things do I get if I contribute?
Nothing 🙂 You get exactly what you’re enjoying right now. Oh, and maybe a warm fuzzy feeling in your soul? But I hope you get that from just being a part of The Village whether you contribute or not.

Payment Details

Bryony Vickers
The Cooperative Bank
08 92 86


Paypal to bryony@bryonyvickers.co.uk