Adhoc Support Sessions

With over ten years professional experience working with families in the perinatal (fertility up to 2 years post birth) period around physical and emotional wellbeing, I know just how transformative it can be to have experienced, non judgemental and nurturing support whilst you contemplate having a bay; prepare to have a baby; heal from birth; get to know your baby; and transition into this new part of your life.

Sessions can be online (in the UK and abroad), or face to face, in your home (central Cambridge only).

Each support session is tailored to your personal needs and wishes.

How might support sessions be helpful?

There are many reasons that families might want some support at this time, including:

  • wanting emotional support when pregnancy is difficult, for whatever reason
  • pregnancy yoga/meditation/mindfulness sessions tailored to your needs
  • debriefing from past pregnancy/birth/postnatal experiences- See my Birth Trauma Page
  • working through feeling of fear, anxiety or low mood around parenting
  • having a chance to talk about bonding with your baby and moving into motherhood/parenting. Monthly mother’s mentoring also available
  • wanting to prepare for how the shape of life/relationships change once your baby is born
  • feeling lost or overwhelmed
  • feeling alone and isolated
  • wanting to build a steady foundation for your family

Sessions are mostly based around talking, but can also include

  • Postnatal yoga– suitable right from birth (including Caesarean birth), heal and strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal area, stretch out the aches and pains, breath deep, relax and restore
  • Caesarian Birth Healing -Yoga and massage to assist with effective healing in the surface scar and the deeper layers as well. Simple stretches and breath techniques can help to restrengthen the abdominal tissues and pelvic floor and also helps to prevent adhesions forming. This kind of work is best done once the external scar is healed and no longer painful or swollen. I will teach you how to safely and effectively massage your own scar. This often includes emotional processing around your experience of birth.
  • Debriefing from birth so you feel you can process your experiences and look back with a feeling of acceptance. In some cases doing some Birth Trauma release work might be helpful
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices for early parenting to building your confidence and resilience. To increase feelings of ease and acceptance, and to help weather the more challenging moments.


60min session


Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home (central Cambridge only) or online.

Talking sessions can be taken whilst we walk with your baby if that’s what the day calls for.


Phone- 07988758544.

Please note I am often teaching and can not answer the phone. If you leave me a message or email we can arrange a time to have a quick chat about the possibility of working together. All phone calls and correspondence are treated in the strictest confidence.