Pregnancy Yoga


Alongside these welcoming and social online classes, there is the opportunity to join Bryony’s WhatApp pregnancy group which forms a peer support network of local parents.
Bryony will also be hosting fortnightly socially distanced park meet ups for her pre and postnatal classes so that you (and your babies) have the opportunity to meet other families face to face. These will continue alongside online classes as long it is safe to do so. Should the Covid-19 R number significantly rise in Cambridge, in person meet ups will be paused.

Yoga sessions with Bryony at Satyam were a real highlight of my week and I was a bit nervous about what they’d be like online. Fortunately, there is the same sense of community, of understanding that others are going through similar challenges during pregnancy, and of calm in her online sessions. Her positive messages are even more valuable during this time of uncertainty. Thanks! -Jo

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I teach Pregnancy Yoga classes in Cambridge in collaboration with Joyful Babies-Birthlight Classes in Cambridge at Satyam Yoga Centre.

Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga is designed to help women feel energised and relaxed during their pregnancy and to assist with preparation for birth. The class is a mixture of movement, birth preparation, community building, mindfulness and relaxation. No prior yoga experience is necessary and all birth choices are welcome.

I would savour the time each week to have time for myself and my baby. It felt really useful to be able to learn exercises to strengthen my body and relax. All good preparation for birth and Motherhood!” Jo

The class is suitable from 12 wks right up until birth.

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Class Details- All classes are currently held online on Zoom. Concessionary rates are available.

Wednesdays 7.00-8.30 pm- book and pay online through Satyam Yoga Centre
079 887 585 44

“These online classes have surpassed my expectations! You’re focusing so much on what you’re doing, I find myself forgetting we’re not all in the same room. The combination of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, practical tips and sharing experiences with other women has been truly invaluable during my pregnancy” -Lou

“Starting classes with Bryony is the best decision I’ve made so far in pregnancy. Every time I attend the class I feel more clarity about things I was previously stressed or confused about. This is partly from the incredible amount of experience and wisdom Bryony offers, and partly because the classes make my mind in a better place to work out what is and isn’t important. At the moment it is more valuable than ever to listen to other people’s experiences, and to connect with people generally – and I love how much time Bryony gives to each of us to give an update on how we are doing. The yoga itself is a whole new learning experience for me – I trained as a yoga teacher but these classes give me a totally new and insightful perspective on things. I love trying out new ways of moving and connecting them to what will be useful during and after birth. Bryony creates such a warm and down to earth atmosphere that being online doesn’t feel that much different to a studio class. You still feel connected to the other students and with the teacher, which I don’t when I do classes on Youtube”- Lucy
“I’ve been doing yoga with Bryony throughout my pregnancy – having never done yoga before, I was skeptical whether it would be for me. Thanks to these classes, for the first time, I learnt that breathing really makes a difference to the mind and body; the classes helped me to learn how to quiet my mind and develop the skills to sit, tune in to my body, move freely, and breath calm. The online classes continue to provide the same atmosphere and above all, that sense of close community and caring environment. Thanks Bryony”- Eva