Pregnancy and Birth preparation

As a perinatal yoga teacher and doula I offer antenatal support to families in the comfort of their own home.

How might antenatal support be helpful?

There are many reasons that families might want some support antenatally. Below is a list some elements that this support might include

  • private antenatal education tailored exactly to your family’s needs
  • talking through birth plans and options for different types of birth
  • emotional support when pregnancy is difficult, for whatever reason
  • pregnancy yoga/meditation/mindfulness sessions tailored to your needs
  • debriefing from past birth/postnatal experiences- See my Birth Trauma Page
  • with a breech baby,  finding methods to safely create opportunities for baby to turn, to balance the pelvis and to talk through the different options that are available for birth
  • for VBAC births learning how to massage your scar to safely prepare the scar tissue to stretch
  • exploring ways in which your birth partner can support you emotionally and physically

A single 90 minute session

3  x 90 minute sessions

All sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. Evening and weekend slots available. For bookings North of the A14, East of the M11 or South of Great Shelford/ Fulbourn, mileage is charge at 45p per mile past the first 5 miles.

Phone- 07988758544

Please note I am often teaching and can not answer the phone. If you leave me a message or email we can arrange a time to have a quick chat about the possibility of working together. All phone calls and correspondence are treated in the strictest confidence.