Parent and Baby Yoga

I teach Parent and Baby Yoga classes in Cambridge in collaboration with Joyful Babies-Birthlight Classes in Cambridge

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Baby yoga incorporates gentle stretching and movements with song. It helps build coordination and balance whilst assisting babies’ physical, emotional and social development. It can also be useful in aiding digestive or sleeping difficulty.
The yoga for the parents focuses on strengthening core muscles, improving posture and balance, relieving the common postnatal aches and pains, and of course enjoying a deep relaxation with our babies at the end of each class. There is time in each class for parents to have a chat and form friendships in this accepting and non judgemental environment.
Dear Bryony,
I’ve just been thinking today how much I’ve enjoyed the baby yoga during my maternity leave, it’s really brightened up my week every time I go, and makes me feel so good, and I can honestly say it’s a highlight of the week for both Conor and me – I just wanted to say thanks so much for making it so nice!
Avril & Conor,

We’ve been coming to your classes (baby massage and baby yoga) from the time Grace was only 5 weeks old! From using the ‘tiger in the tree’ to calm our overstimulated infant to singing ‘the little green frog’ on our flights to Australia, the content of your classes have become part of Grace’s everyday life. I also wanted to thank you for helping create a safe space and supportive community for new mothers to share our trials and tribulations. Once Grace is 18 months, we hope to join your toddler yoga classes!
Liane and Grace,


Terms run throughout the year.

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One to one sessions in your home – see Postnatal support

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