Bryony offers private hypnobirthing sessions to assist women and their support partners to prepare for birth. Hypnosis can provide a set of tools and techniques that increase our ability to support the natural process of birth and to access a calm state of mind in which to prepare for and birth our babies.

Hypnosis is becoming more and more used as a birthing technique as so many women find it a very effective pain management and anxiety reducing tool in pregnancy and labour.

“I must confess, I did not know much about hypnobirthing before signing up for the sessions with Bryony! However, it turned out to be a REAL revelation!

The antenatal sessions helped me a great deal; not only to address and overcome many of my birth-related fears; but also to use the lovely mp3 tracks for relaxation and birth preparation.

During labour, I could not believe how effective those tracks have been in calming me down and mentally helping me ‘endure’ very strong and frequent contractions!

Hypnobirthing has been really inspiring and Bryony’s professionalism and care is unrivalled! I would definitely HIGHLY recommend it! you won’t know how effective it is, until you have tried it!”

Bryony also uses some of these techniques in her pregnancy yoga classes and if you are attending these classes, you will find that they reinforce the power of the hypnobirthing techniques at every class. Yoga and hypnosis are very complimentary and work beautifully alongside each other.

Course details

2 evening sessions, 2.5 hours each, about a week apart.
The sessions include
  • How does hypnobirthing work;
  • A chance to talk about your ideas, fears, thoughts and feelings about birth;
  • The physiological process of birth and how we can best support it
  • Effective and deep relaxation techniques that you can use though pregnancy and labour;
  • How your birth partner can best support you in labour, how they can help you stay calm and focused, including practical skills such as rebozo and massage moves;
  • A hypnosis session on each evening.
You also receive
  • Hypnobirthing manual
  • Positive affirmation cards
  • MP3s to listen to in preparation for birth, including a fear release track
  • MP3s to listen to in labour itself
  • Support prompt card to help birth partners remember key support techniques in labour
  • email and phone support up until you give birth.
  • Some sensory delights 🙂
Cost – £325 (discount available if you are regularly attending my pregnancy yoga classes)
If your previous birth has been difficult there is the option to extra sessions onto your existing package to deal with the negative feelings around your past experience.
We do this first to clear negative feelings about your previous birth and then go onto hypnobirthing to prepare for the birth ahead. Many families find this a very effective way to prepare for a new different birth experience if a previous birth has been difficult. You can see more info about these sessions here
For more information or to book Email bryony@bryonyvickers.co.uk