Frequently Asked Questions


Q – What’s the difference between Baby massage, Baby Yoga and Wrigglers classes?

My Baby massage and Postnatal Yoga course is suitable for mothers and their babies between birth and 5 months. It is an online class that covers the early transition to motherhood. You will learn how to massage your baby, how to support the bonding process, how to hold and soothe, and methods of approaching baby care that is respectful, mindful and realistic. The class also covers the basic foundations of postnatal practice, in terms of breathing to heal from birth and gently reconnect with your pelvic floor and abdominals, and some simple movements that you can use to ease out the daily aches and pains. It’s suitable for any kind of birth experience, including caesarian or forceps or where there have been complications during or post birth, and the physical movements in this class are gentle enough to begin before 6 weeks postnatally.   Mindfulness and positive mental health practices are built in to support your transition into motherhood. We also have opportunities to connect with the other mothers in the group and to make friends. This class has a slow gentle pace to it suited to the early months. If you have the option I recommend this as a foundation course and then to move onto the Baby yoga class after this. If you start this class very early on, you may like to repeat it before moving onto baby yoga to help consolidate these foundation practices.

My Parent and Baby yoga courses (open to Mums and Dads) are face to face at Satyam Yoga centre. Babies should be at least 10 weeks old (it’s fine to start later than this) and can stay in  this class as long as they are non mobile. Once they are competently crawling, they can move up to the Parent and Wrigglers class. In this class we do 50% dry massage, movement and mindful play for babies, and 50% gentle postnatal yoga. There is time for chatting built into the class. It is a vibrant busy class where we support parent-baby bonding; group connection; mindful interaction; self nurture and positive mental health practices. This class runs throughout the year and can be attended multiple terms. Many people stay until they go back to work or move up to the wrigglers class.

My Wrigglers classes are for parents and babies who are crawling up to 2 years old. These are designed for mobile babies with more playful and dynamic movement and massage, songs and practices to learn about their bodies. Babies are free to move around and explore the space as they wish, building social skills and confidence within the group at their own pace. At this stage parent yoga becomes more dynamic as well, with opportunities to build strength, balance, patience and relaxation skills as you move towards the toddler years.

Q – Do I need to be familiar with yoga to come to these classes?

No. I regularly have women in the class who have never been to a yoga class before and also those who have regularly practiced for years. I teach with an inclusive perspective for all sizes, shapes, fitness level and experience. I have a Health at Every Size approach and  facilitate a space in which you can connect to your body through breath, movement and relaxation in a manner that helps you to feel and move better (through gently building strength, balance and awareness) and supports positive body image and mental health.