Birth and Post Natal Doula Services in Cambridge

Zinn Tiny

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I live in central Cambridge with my partner and two wonderful daughters, born in 2002 and 2011. I have always had an interest in supporting others through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting and am a recognised birth and mentored postnatal doula as well as a Birthlight teacher.

I believe that all families deserve non-judgemental support during the exciting journey of pregnancy, birth and early days of parenthood. Having someone who will come and listen to you and help out in whatever way you need in that moment can ease the path of what can be a very joyful but intense period of your life.

During pregnancy, a doula can help you and your birth partner get as prepared as possible

for the birth of your baby(s). A doula can provide continuous support through birth, helping the process go a smoothly as possible, and assisting you to stay calm and focused whatever the journey holds. Birth partners can also find that the support of a doula better enables them to support the birthing mother in whatever way feels right for the two of you. Birth is such a personal journey that a doula will adapt her support role to be whatever is appropriate for your personal wishes.

I first met Bryony through her pregnancy yoga classes, where she not only created a calm and relaxing environment to escape the every day aches and worries throughout pregnancy but also enlightened me with her wealth of knowledge, making me feel comfortable that no question I could ask would be met with anything other than kindness and understanding.

Having Bryony at the birth of my son was like having the big sister I’ve never had, that warming sense of family, someone you trust, She hugged me through the hard bits and reminded me of things I had learnt during Pregnancy yoga to aid me through my journey.

Bryony continued to support me after the birth, visiting me in hospital and being there on the end of the phone, a friendly ear full of useful tips to get me and my son off to the best start of our journey. I now attend Bryony’s Birthlight Baby massage classes. Watching the way Bryony interacts with the babies is beautiful and I learn something new every week as I feel the bond with my little one grow.

Postnatally I offer a support package where you can pick and choose what kind of sessions will best nurture you, so you can nurture your baby. See here for details

I also teach Birthlight classes in Pregnancy Yoga, Nurturing Baby Massage, Mother and Baby Yoga and Parent and Toddler Yoga.

I have experience with twins, hypnobirthing, VBAC, caesarian birth, home birth and water birth.

I am a full spectrum doula, meaning I also offer support around miscarriage, loss and terminations.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to chat about how I could support you and your family through birth and/or the postnatal period.

You can see some more information here about what Doulas do, and there is a poem that I wrote about the value of a doula here.

Birth Package
2 Antenatal Visits
On call from 38-42 weeks unless otherwise negotiated
Birth Support
1 Postnatal visits
Phone and email support throughout pregnancy and up to 6 weeks postnatally

Antenatal Support See here for details
Postnatal SupportSee here for details

“I initially had concerns that having a doula might make my role redundant or less meaningful in some way. However, having Bryony present at the birth had the very opposite effect and I was really able to focus on what was needed in each moment and being close to, and supporting Lisa” – Nick
“I wanted to see myself as an old lady looking back on my life and recall the miracle and magic of the birth. Bryony made this possible. She helped nurture my confidence leading up to the birth and without her I wouldn’t have had a water birth (she had the foresight to turn the taps on quick). She guided us all the way up to holding our baby for the first time and I wouldn’t change a single thing” – Lisa

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